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Lyric 3RD STOREE How Can This Be

[Verse I:]
Ever since we were kids the love we had was real
Everything that we did we let each other know the deal
When we would walk to school we had each other’s back
We were inseparable and strength where we would lack
On that day when they called and let me know the news
I began to cry tears for you
Even though the time we shared is a time that I will miss
But there’s an emptiness of the bliss that once existed
How can I tell her that I love her if she doesn’t know me
How can I tell her what she means if she cannot dream
How can I show her that she’s beautiful if she cannot see me
How does she know she makes me cry if she’s not alive
[Verse 2:]
I remember people saying give them their flowers
While they yet live so they can see them
But you never think that day could ever come to hit you
Because the love you had was strong and invincible
But remember God is the creator
And he has the power to shake her and take her
Even though the time we shared is a time that I will miss
There’s an emptiness of the bliss that once existed
Though I get lonely I know she’s with me
Cause death can’t take my special lady from me
God guide me along in Your will
Cause I know Heaven is real


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