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Lyric 3RD STOREE You Don’t Want Me To

I dreamed about being with you
And I wanna make my dream come true
But I know that your pain still remain
(I know your pain still remain)
And I wanna be the one that you can put your love
And trust into but when you really need someone I like to be the one who will
be right there

[Chorus:] I don’t know what to say
I’ll never have no words everytime I see your face it hurt that I can’t be with
cause I know you don’t want me to you do’t want me to
I wake up all alone make breakfast on my own everything has changed now that
you’re gone
When I can’t be with you living life is hard to do
When you don’t want me to

I thought about the things I said
And I thought of what went through my head
But please know that my heart never change
(please know my heart never change)
And right now need for you to see the very different side of me
When you know you can love someone I like to be the one who will be right there


You kno its not easy when I can’t stop thinking
Thinking about girl its driving me crazy because you don’t want me to



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