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Lyric (HED) P.E. Menina

MENINA EU VO TE MATAR (Girl I’m gonna kill you)
MENINA EU NAO VO PARAR (Girl I’ll never stop)
Eu nao posso esperarn (I can’t wait to see you)
Voce dancar na minha cama (Dancing on my bed)
Eu morde sua boca (I’m biting your lips)
Eu nao tenho outra garota (I don’t have any other chick)
Menina brasiliera (Brazilian Girl!)
Se ten un sorriso linda (U Have a beautiful smile)
Eu se que voce e louca (I know that you’re such a crazy woman)
Pra dancar na mia vida (To dance in my life)
MENINA EU VO TE MATAR (Girl, I’m gonna kill you)
MENINA EU NAO VO PARAR (Girl I won’t stop)

Menina loca I don’t wanna kiss and hold ya
I just wanna grab your throat and choke ya
Beat and bend you ova
Brasiliera aint no otra
This right her la cosa nostra

Garotinha tao gostosa
Little girl so tasty

Nao esqueca
Never forget that



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