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Lyric 40 BELOW SUMMER Jonesin’

And I want you – and I need to
Cut you and hold you in place – as I rip you apart
This blood on my face – but I loved you so hard
I can’t escape – I’m crawling inside
You can’t erase – this night that you died

To blanket the obscure (I was the victim – you can’t deny this)
To leave you enraptured (I was the victim – you can’t deny this)
to open the obscene (blood on my hands – as I had to drive this)
Fade to wet dream (home)

I watched you die – shut up and stay there and bleed
As I open you up and I watch while you scream
I can’t get enough of your face in my dreams
I’m raping you blind – you can’t believe
This night that you died

So far away………….

Rot, bitch….I’m gonna make you rot


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