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Lyric (HED) P.E. Everything All The Time

You should be more careful
Walking all alone
You should be safe at home

But You’re a bad girl
And I’m a bad man
I need to punish you for
Making me the way i am

Bitch, you fine as fuck
Bitch, i fuck you up
I make you lose your breathe
Pull your hair-I bite your neck

Bitch, you such a slut
I know you like to fuck
I see it in your eyes
Bitch,you need me up inside you…

Daddy you dirty, dirty
you make me feel so flirty
I wish you take me home
Tie me up and hurt me hurt me

Yea bitch i’ll hurt you right
I’ll murder you all night
And then i’ll hide the body
Just anotha homicide

I just want your everything
All the time
Its just so chemical-
And so spi-ri-tu-al

I just want your everything
All the time
Its so, so animal-
And so spr-ri-tu-al

I love to watch you bleeding for me
Its so easy for me
To keep you tied up and cryin

From the corner you stare
Cold and shaking you’re there
Oily separated hair-
Your fear is making me care

I love to watch you hurt for me-
Your pain is perfect for me
It lets me know i’m alive

All alone in a room- afraid what’s
Waiting for you… Your doom
I’ll cut you up from inside

I just want your everything
all the time

You should be more careful
Walking all alone
Now you’re in my world
Now you can never go home.


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