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Lyric 38 SPECIAL Saving Grace

Without direction I walked the night
I was alone, a single beam of light
One glance and you changed my blues
To a prism of light, a thousand hues.
Now, I must climb to the rainbows arc
Who knows, I might find a halo for your heart.
Whenever I’m lost for words
And my whole world’s fallin’ apart…..

You are my Saving Grace
You are the light of a love everlasting
I find a hiding place in your arms
My one and only Saving Grace.

I fought the world with a restless heart
Kept my emotions locked away in the dark.
Then you came to build me up
When this world could only tear me apart….

[2nd Chorus]

For the rest of your life
You can count on me
To never let you down.
When you whisper to me
You give me strength to believe
That I can hold on somehow.

[3rd Chorus]


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