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Lyric 50 CENT Through The Window

How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window [x2]

First it’s her neck, yeah then her back
Yeah I’m a freak, I get into all that
Girl I perform for ya, like a porno star
Till ya had enough then I just need a little bit more
New music new move new position
New erotic sounds is goin down now listen
I can hear your heartbeat, you’re sweatin I can paint a perfect picture
I get deeper and deeper, I told ya I’ll get ya
I work that murk that just the way ya like it baby
Turn a quickie into an all nighter maybe
Your sex drive it match my sex drive
Then we be movin as fast as a NASCAR ride
Switch gears slow down, go down whoa now
You can feel every inch of it when we intimate
I’ll use my tongue baby, I’ll leave you sprung baby
I’ll have ya head spinnin sayin 50 so crazy

Yeah.. Yeah..

How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window [x2]

You movin too fast, you movin too quick
You heavy on the gas, you movin too swift
Can’t keep up the pace
Might not finish the race
But do it now for it’s too late to switch
And how you make a impala lift
But the set car is ya heart
And is hard to be fixed
You gon break it if you don’t downshift
And I know you get a rush
When you hang around risk
But gon get enough
When you breakin down sick
All I’ll cant move your wheels
And feelin like shhh
Just a mile back you was fellin quite brisk
Now you sitting on bricks with your car on strict
Radio gone insuarance won’t cover
Paint job wreck and you draggin your muffler
Wouldn’t listen then, but I bet you hear now
Cos you got speed ticket
Cos you wouldn’t slow down

How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window [x2]


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