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Lyric ALEXX CALISE Get Used To It

Looking back what was I thinking?
You were so in love with yourself
There was no room for two
You never cared how I felt
You preyed upon me like I was a wounded animal
Gave just enough to keep me coming back for more

Now I’m gone
No one left to bring down
Used to mean so much
You’re nothing to me now

Had me for so long
Now I see right through ya
Get used to it
Now I’m moving on
Sorry for your loss

I knew you’d get yours in the end
Karma caught up with you
And you’re right where you started
Came to my senses, not defenseless anymore
I had so much to give
Wasn’t me who fell short

Now I’m gone
No one left to bring down
Used to mean so much
You’re nothing to me now


Why, I always ask myself why
I let you into my life
When I knew all along you were not right for me
Maybe I wanted to believe
I guess the fool was me
But I will not be broken like you’re hoping



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