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Lyric 98 DEGREES Still

Love, I see forever in your eyes
I can see heaven in your smile
And when I hold you close
I don’t want to let go
Because deep in my soul I know girl
That you are the only light I see
Your love means everything to me
I promise that we’ll never part
‘Cause you’ll always be near, here in my heart

If the sun, should refuse to rise
And the moon, doesn’t hang in the night
The tides won’t change, seasons rearrange
When the world is through
I will still love you

Girl, you’re like an angel from above
Sent here to shower me with your love
Hold me beneath your wings
Tell me all of the things
All the hopes and the dreams we can share
‘Cause I’ll be your shelter from the storm
I’ll be the fire that keeps you warm
I’ll be your light in the dark
Cause you’ll always be near, here in my heart


If anything could last forever
It’s what I feel for you
(That’s what I feel for you)
Oh baby, you touch my heart in ways
That words could never say
That’s why I’ll always love you



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