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Lyric 360 Falling & Flying

Yo, He tries to stay positive, livin’ in a dead town,
He can’t keep his head up, he has to keep his head down
He only sees ahead now, the loneliness has left
And he’s focused and he’s over being left out.
He don’t need anyone now,
He’s givin’ everythin now,
Look in his eyes and see it’s evident now,
When he, told himself he would never be left in the ground,
For those who told him he would never be anythin now,
He’s known what he wants want he grows up,
He’ll do anything it takes, cause it means so much
And it’s his ego tellin’ him he sees no love, but now he sees it’s irrelevant,
He needs no one.
But see, as he’s tracing up the outline,
He found a plane he created to take him from the downtime,
And as he waits for it to land, when he makes it up to cloud 9,
All he’s gonna say is it’s about time.

Now that I’m all inn, I hear ’em calling up again (calling up)
I knew the moment that I was flying, I’d be there, calling up.

And from the start though, they always tried to single him out,
It was hard though,
It almost started bringing him down
And now he laughs at attempts at always peaking him out but now they can’t,
He ain’t listening now. (he ain’t listening now)
They use to hit him, it’d shit him so he’d fight back,
And then he stopped once he figured out they liked that.
He knows exactly what it’s like to be the underdog,
Words had led him thinking and surprised him at the fucking top
And now they got him, he’s backed in a corner, he’s trapped
But if he starts to relax he’s a goner.
In fact, he doesn’t wanna be that kid at all,
And they talk, but now he doesn’t hear that any longer.
He’s fighting to make a million,
Hiding away and feeling
He’s trying to make a killing but dying to make a living
And now he’s knowing it’s a state of mind,
Hoping in his day and time maybe he’s finding that place within him

Now that I’m all in, I hear ’em calling up again (calling up)
I knew the moment that I was flying, I’d be there, calling up.

And he sees the big picture, what’s the point in being narrow minded?
The ladders high, but he’s knowing that he has to climb it.
All the shit he’s sacrificed, knowing what he has inside,
He’s ready and he doesn’t need a map to find it.
It’s the muscle in his chest that is pumping all the blood until he’s dead,
Knowing nothing will be left.
And he can’t let it go, it’s hard to let it be.
And you can call it pride, but he can’t accept defeat.

And this for those who ain’t got no voice,
It ain’t whether he can do it yo, he’s got no choice
Now he’s got his armour on, and they cannot stop him
Shoot what they want to, watch the bullets bounce of him.
He finds it funny now that people that doubted him,
Have a look and you’ll see that they’re around again,
Because they know now (they know now)
They see him just standing in the corner with a smile as it goes down.

Now that I’m all in, I hear ’em calling up again (calling up)
I knew the moment that I was flying, I’d be there, calling up


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