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Lyric 2PAC Playa Cardz Right (Female)

[Verse 1: 2pac]
Wassup Boo (Ha Ha Yeaaa)
Another Shady Mission, Tricks Like Watching Pictures
And Hazy Vision. Tonight Is Love Making Take You
Any Place You Wish, Today We Satisfy And Stay With Stoling Kisses,
Blind Insanenity, Perfect Pictures Of Me And My Family
Not Understanding The Deathy That They Plan For Me
If I Have Kids Will I Live To See Em Grow
But I Dont Know I Live The Life Of A Thug Nigga Untill The Day I Go,
No Broken Promises, A Sacred Bond Broken, I Know I Die Alone
But Yet Still Im Hoping, Vision Of Prison Maybe I Be Forgive
I Know It’s Better In Heaven, Cuz Being Here Aint Living
Close My Eyes And See Nothin But Pain The World Crazy, Still Looking For A Queen
To Plant Seeds And Have Babies Maybe I’ll Be The One Or Just Maybe Im Lost
You’ll Never Know Being Cautionz If You Playa Cardz Right.

[Chorus: Keyshia Cole]
I Want To Be The One Who
Who You Can Depend On,
Who Be The One Who Be There
Through The Thick And Thin
Go By The Wire We Will Be
There Till The Mourning We Won’t Leave Until The Night And
We Will Be Forever Mourned

[Verse 2: Keyshia Cole]
No One Else Can Do
What You Do For Me
Take Me Away From The Pain
I Feel Inside
It’s Going To Be Alright
It Will Be Okay
If We Try And Take Our Time
Please Baby Take Your Time
And We’ll Grow
Trust I Know
I Wanna Be The One Who


You Got To Playa Cardz Right On ?
Can’t Be Rushin Like It’s Race Namsayin
If You Be Patient And You Take Your Time
And? Nine Times Out Of Ten Homeboy You Gone Wake Up
With Ya Breakfast In Bed But If You Rush
And You Just Be Man Handling,
You Ass Going Home Tonight,
Play The Cardz Right Nigga
Take Ya Time, Be Patient
Go Slow It’s Betta That Way
You Aint Heard [Laugh], Playa Cardz Right


Take Ya Time Man Dont Be In Such A Rush
Haa You Got To Be Patient Man It Aint Going Nowhere
One Get Some Champane Bring Some Roses
Or Somethin You Know Play Some Soft Shit
Light A Fire You Got To Be Cool With It
Got To Be Slow With It
Got To Be Patient
Got To Playa Cardz Right On One
Can’t Be Racing Like It’s A Race Namsayin
If You Be Patient And Take Ya Time And ?


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