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Lyric 38 SPECIAL Something I Need

Like the hammer of love the moment that it hits ya
Like the hair of a dog the mornin after it bit ya
Like the rough edge of love when it cuts to the heart
You just gotta let it bleed
You ain’t just somethin I want
No… You got somethin I need
Somethin I need.

Like a bath when your dirty, a drink when your dry
Like the last cigarette before you give up for life
You know I’m dyin of hunger, in desperate straits
I know I gotta habit to feed
You ain’t just somethin I want
No… You got somethin I need.
Something I need.

Got you in my sights
We’re gonna put it right up the middle
Cause I can do you right
You know I want it more than a little
It’s what I need…need ..need

Like a black cup of coffee when you been slammin all night
They say I need to be quittin but I don’t take no advice
You got me walkin sideways like crab in the sand
My eyes fixed in a permanent bead
You ain’t just somethin I want
No… You got somethin I need
Something I need.


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