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Lyric 311 Feels So Good

Well everybody got opinion that’s loud and unbending
I spend my time healing and mending together
It’s a question of whether live positive, well I give
P-Nut is a brother that’s always got a girlfriend
I say the lyrics that’ll put you in a whirlwind
Ese’ has the wisdom of a Noble Laureate
I’m down for our days of glory
It’s easy to do when you’re up with Sexton
A rythmatic genius churnin’ out the next one
But you know bro I flow in this circumstance
You’ll get your chance

Just take a moment to have a fit once in a while
I do it daily and like it but that’s my style, here I go
In your face
Feels so good
In your face
Feels so good

Go Ese’
Trip this get up on the tipness
Don’t sweat or let it set once you grab it
Come and get some to have and to flaunt
Know about it know I got the news if you want
I pocket I lock it I sock it your mind I rock it
Shell shocked it maybe I groove dammit I know it
F up the truth that’s how I show it
In the half light Ese’ sounds Nicks a night light
I’m rappin’ he’s snappin’ on
Something you might like now
Don’t frown if I chose to
Cut it up brothers you can’t take it with you


Get this my stream of consciousness is a sea
Much like Bukowski with a rage
Speaking to the page beasts in the cage
Jumping off the stage, diving
Thriving, striving, for a better day Ese’
Beat back by flesh shattered doors
Bragging fists to the sky you’re feelin’ high
Yes to live and die


[Additional vocals by Ese’ Martinez]


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