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Lyric 28 DAYS What You Know

you two need to grow up
you got a good thing
but you won’t see it because you think
you’re missing out on your youth
turn around one day and see it wasted
the best thing you could’ve had
you know it is the truth

and you are just kidding yourself
we all know, it so shows
what you know and what
you think you know

well I might be wrong but looking
at I don’t think so
I can see the anger
fear and jealousy in your face its so clear
I used to watch you two
you had the passion
but I now I watch you two
and wonder what it is you fear

don’t just waste it
it’s not a waste of time
don’t replace it
can is what you might find
so don’t, don’t you waste it

you two need to catch on
you got a good thing
but you won’t see it because you think
you’re missing out on the truth


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