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Lyric 30 SECONDS TO MARS End Of The Beginning

Here we are searching for a sign
Here we are searching for a sign
It’s the end here today
But I will build a new beginning
Take some time, find a place
And I will start my own religion

As the day divides the night
Here we are searching for a sign

Watch the men multiply
See them ease out of the circle
Watch your friends run and hide
Help them fall back in this cycle

Here we are searching

You saw what you get
If you take what you take
Look in the eye of the test
It’s all because…
Now there’s a feeling I get
When I look to the left
But it should never be said
Start Searching for a sign

Can you feel it?
Things are changing
Can you see it?
Watch as the worlds colliding
Can you see it?
Can you feel it?
Watch as the worlds…
Collide into themselves
Collide into themselves

Another time, another place
Another time, another place
Some paradimensional race
Some paradimensional race


[Chorus x2]


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