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Lyric 311 Independence Day

Just throw away your material possessions
And sing the praises of life
This trip has taught me a valuable lesson
The future brings clarity and vision and sight

It was Independence Day
I’ve seen the other side and I say
Oh, I’ve been insane
And I will never be the same

A mountain brings me space
The vine brings me time
Wind brings me change
Unity with the mind

It was Independence Day
I’ve seen the other side and I say
Oh, I’ve been insane
And I won’t never been same

(??) Jesus, (??)
Remind me not to pray to you

As the raw son sins in glamour
And his greedy and violent rage
Stimulate and torment assailants
Peace is dead
Uneasy moment as the first warrior stirs
Cerebrial denial brings scheming to return
The battle begins as the first victim
Slowly, grudgingly
Submits to the captivity of consciousness
And I say
It was Independence Day


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