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Lyric 311 Slinky

I was at this club minding my tea
I saw this fine young thing so I thought that I would see
I don’t smoke but I asked her for a cigarette
I know it’s lame but I haven’t got a better one yet
You guess the rest I’m not the type to fess
I sing this song because I tell you she’s the best

That slinky girl is in my brain
Now I’ll never be the same
No one can ever see
What that slinky girl means to me

So I’ll just pretend
But I feel like

Mackadocious she’s sweet and precocious
She’s the one girl that I just dig, love, yes I’m not above this
You think that’s wack then bro you lack
You bore me that macho crap makes me snore, see, me,
I’m all about the females, the women, the jewels of this world
Those flowers like that slinky girl


Well I met her one night I’d seen her before
She stole my brain then showed me the door
Girls that do me like that there’s not many
But I’ve met one, that’s plenty
I’m glad to say that she gets her way
She can move me and that’s okay
Has the power to turn paper inky
The girl has me and she’s so



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