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Lyric (HED) P.E. Represent

Let’s get this shit started

Yeah where my dogs at
Get your drinks up
Your joints out
Ladies pull your tits out
Come on

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Bitch – what – Bitch – I don’t get a – fuck
All my dogs – smokas – my soljas
Let’s ride – never – ever say die – come on

But you don’t hear me though
I don’t give a fuck

I can’t hear you
Fuck you!!

They say I can’t talk about sex no mo
But that don’t mean that I won’t titty fuck and wreck this ho
Shoot a shot a jager and undress this ho
I roll a joint and smoke it while I beef inject this ho

They say I need to sing to sell more records yo
Keep it clean and write some lyrics more respectable
You faggots need to gargle on these testacles
This is punk rock bitch – I’m a spectacle

But you don’t hear me though
I don’t get a fuck…

Go ahead pussy let your radio play the same 15 songs that you hear e’ryday
Go ahead pussy keep cryin about your bitch
While you listen to that silly faggot pop punk shit
Go ahead pussy keep talk that shit
When I see you on tour – you’ll be cryin like a bitch
Go ahead faggot – keep playin those games
I’ma tear that pussy up – I’ma let my nuts hang

But you don’t hear me though
I don’t give a fuck…

Motherfucker don’t take no shit

Make a choice motherfucker make a choice
They can’t silence the voice of a rebel

I’m talking American made hand grenades
Home grown Russian AK47s adapted now – fully automatic
Start the revolution
Let these commies fucking have it

Bitch – what – Bitch – I don’t give a – fuck

All my dogs – smokas – strippers – soljas
Let’s ride – never, ever say die – come on

I came back cause the youth gotta hear this
The FCC – the corporate faggots – fear this
This time I will not be silent
I cloak myself in the flag and the First Amendment
JFK – Malcolm X meant it
When John Hancock signed it – he meant it
Abe Lincoln – Bob Marley meant that shit
And my dogs represent that shit

But you don’t hear me though
I don’t give a fuck…

Don’t let these motherfuckers brainwash you
They lie in the truth
They lie in the truth

Rise up!!

Your motherfuckin time is up

Fuck you!!


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