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Lyric 360 National Anthem

Ay, yo, people need to know I got a weakness I’m anxious
They think I should be happy cause they see that I’m famous
Weekends my favourite, see friends get wasted
Weekdays, I hate it, I’m insane and jaded

And yo, I’m feeling like I’m nearly dead
Seeing now the glass is looking foggy I should probably go and clear my head
I know it’s hard for people to understand
But when it comes to alcohol, I ain’t got no self control

I know it’s something that you mightn’t think
Cause two quiet drinks is like a few minor sips now
I need more, I’m knowing that I shouldn’t
But I keep going, now I’m getting better and I’m clean ya’ll

Airin’ out my bads is a stupid move
I could give a fuck sixty is a human too
We’ve got problems even when your thoughts are hitting rock bottom
Most important thing for you’s to not dodge it

It’s not often that I try to give advice
So maybe just ignore it, it likely isn’t right
So when I go ahead and write some shit like this
I’ll be going through hell and it’ll fix my shit

I just really felt the urge to let you inside six
So know I’ll never reach the point where I slit my wrist
Anyone who’s high yo’, you have to be landing
When you come down this can be your National Anthem yeah

Tell me I’m your National Anthem
Tell me I’m your National Anthem
Red, white, blues in the sky
Summers in the air and baby heavens in your eyes
I’m your National Anthem

Oh, it probably ain’t the right environment to make it known
But the closest person in my life tried to take their own
Now my girlfriend is going through the same shit
And she knows exactly how I’m feeling, the same shit

It’s fucked she had two friends hang themselves
To understand what she’s going through, imagine hell
It’s such a shame those girls who were leaving this life
Could never really know the pain they were leaving behind

And now I can see in her eyes, that she is bleeding inside
So when I start to get down I just keep it in mind
It’s fucked that we relate is so dope
But after all the tragedy it made us so close

That’s what I mean when there’s positives and negatives
Even in a tragedy there’s positives in everything
I must be crazy, I could be out fucking groupies
But that’s meaningless, that life means nothing to me

Yeah, I could fuck that slut
But yo’ I’ve lived that life and I’ve done that stuff
And to be with somebody that I love that much
There is no chance in hell that I would fuck that up, no

She’s like my medicine for actual pain
When I’m not around her I go back to insane
So, I’m praying everyday that that happiness stays
And she can make Colwell her family name, please

Tell me I’m your National Anthem
Tell me I’m your National Anthem
Red, white, blues in the sky
Summers in the air and baby heavens in your eyes
I’m your National Anthem


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