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Lyric 28 DAYS Pessimy & The Devil

Don’t kid yourself
‘Cause there’s a good chance
Your life means nothing
You’ve got enough to confuse the facts
In time they’ll know you’re bluffing

You’ll catch one out
But in the meantime thousands more are breeding
It’s always you and me who pay
That’s why my heart is bleeding

They are nameless
They are faceless
They are dollar signs
Hostile mergers
Taking over
Killing people from the inside
Drink it down
Throw your package to the ground

I am the devil
I spread myself pretty thin
I’m getting busy with the gluttony and sin
The world is lookin’ fresh
I did this emptiness
The world is a girl I’m raping
The real TV’s taping the whole thing
And you were doing nothing but watch me
I am the people you trust
You’re never gonna stop me
Buy your coke or pepsi it doesn’t matter
Either way my crew’s pockets are getting fatter

What’s my name?


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