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Lyric 3RD STOREE Superstar

[Verse 1:]
I gotta few questions to ask you
If I had a mil and a six would I be able to bag you
If I rocked big jewels and had a house on the beach
Would you mind comin’ through
What if I hit the big screen
And my face was seen in every magazine
Coast to coast people dressed like me
Would you mind bein’ seen with me?
Picture me livin’ the life of a superstar
All the girls around the world
They cry they know who we are
You with that mamma ‘cuz you know
With a superstar comes the dollas and the Prada
So don’t wait till I’m busy just to holla
You can have me now before them other girls follow
Baby I’ma be a superstar
Then you’ll wanna get with me (superstar)
Drivin’ ’round in my fancy car
You know you wanna ride with me (superstar)
Having parties out at my house
You know you wanna come see me (superstar)
I’m a superstar tryin’ to get on
Wait ’til I’m big girl I’ll be gone
[Verse 2:]
Now you know what the deal is if you roll with me
You’ll be introduced to the showbiz
I know you like that, I know you wanna walk the red carpet
And see all the cameras go (snap snap)
Man it’s really crazy
Flyin’ here to there
Ladies everywhere you betta come get me baby
Before you can’t catch me baby
Picture me livin’ the life of a superstar
All the girls around the world
They cry they know who we are
Ooh wee that’s the life for me
Skip the line straight to V.I.P
Girl it’s so easy to please me
This is not a dream
Just believe me
See I can’t wait until the day
When my family will get to see
Me being all I can be it’s in me
So watch out world here I come
I’m gonna be
[Hook out]


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