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Lyric 311 Do You Right

I don’t insist I am no fabulist
You can take it take it don’t leave it
Just let loose I will tell the truth
I hope you like it, my thoughts all I got

I stare at the curl of your hair
At the stregnth of your charm
I feel like I’d give my left arm
But I’m sure that you’ve heard this before

And when we spend the night I check if you’re alright
How it was, I don’t mean to bug
If it ended now I would just think of how
How it was, in love yes in love


Like I said before I’ll say it once more
Knew you would make me feel so good
Wanna do you right
Can’t get enough this is the stuff
Life’s about and it trips me out
Wanna do you right

You are so good to me I just want to see
That picture of you you gave me
Though it fell out of my pocket
It hangs like a locket in my head
It’ll be there til’ I’m dead




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