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Lyric ALEXX CALISE Out Of Sight

And I don’t quite know why I’m here anymore
And I don’t know if I belong
It’s been so long since I’ve been gone
And here I’m standing
At your door today
Praying it’s not too late

Out of sight
Out of mind
Will you take me back this time
I don’t think that I can walk alone in life
Was I wrong
Out of line
Cuz I had to question why
I couldn’t see it
Couldn’t believe it
You were there before my eyes
Before my eyes

I never thought
That you would bring me to my knees
And every day is like the one when you left me
Even though I try
I just can’t make myself right
Why must you lose everything
To find out what you need


I didn’t mean to turn away
I swear I’ve changed
Faith replaced the things that I cannot explain
I am naked
Stripped of armor
All I’ve got to give to you’s my heart


Whoever said that there’s a start or there’s an end
Could it be that this is how it’s always been


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