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Lyric 3RD STRIKE Redemption

Would you let me take control
if i told you that i would never love another
build a prison for you soul
with the shelter i provide
surely we could live forever

feel addiction take control
i know no other way
reality its just fantasy again
if i could penetrate you soul
i’d help you find a way to make fantasy reality again

would you let me take you home fulfill my every need keep you
in this spell you’re under
cause nows the time to let you know
if you only take my hand never will there be another


hold you down again
i wont let you breath
i see redemption in your eyes although i always seem to make you cry
so high off the pain that i give to you
hold you down till you cant breath you cant leave
or perceive that you’re better off without me
i cut you down before you get a chance to doubt me
no love is sicker than the one we’ve found
keep a frown on you face so you’ll never replace me



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